Support Orphan Care | Details

12 08 2012

JWild Photography is excited to begin partnering with the non-profit organization, 127 World Wide, in efforts to help raise awareness and financial support for orphan care in northern Uganda.  Jackie and her husband had a chance to spend time in Uganda this summer partnering with local churches, learning about the orphan problem and caring for children in need.

Pictures from their trip are for sale, and 100% of the profits will be given to Acres of Hope (an orphanage in Northern Uganda) through 127 World Wide.  Pictures can be viewed on the JWild Photography Facebook Page and website.

Read more about Acres of Hope, along with Geoffrey, and the incredible work he is doing.

Thank you for your support of JWild Photography, but more importantly, for helping to raise awareness of the orphan problem in Uganda and being part of giving hope to the fatherless.

Below are the picture sizes & types that can be ordered, along with the price for each.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email Jackie!


Prints (glossy finish only)













Canvas Wraps









To Order Pictures:

  1. Message, call or email to provide contact info (your email address)
  2. An order form will be emailed to you
  3. Fill out order form (identifying the picture number, size, type & quantity)
  4. Return form to
  5. PayPal invoice will be emailed to you for payment (once payment has gone through, your picture(s) will be ordered and shipped directly to you)

2013 Seniors | Fall Discount

6 08 2012

Orphans | How YOU Can Help

19 06 2012


Over the past two weeks, my husband and I joined along side World Orphans: Journey 117 and a team of 12 other people from around the U.S. to serve in Uganda, Africa.  Our time there was not what we expected, and better than we could have hoped.  We felt joy, pain, hope, anguish, peace, confusion, frustration, clarity… and probably 50 other adjectives.  Overall, we had an incredible time and cannot wait to start becoming advocates for orphans around the world.

As Matt and I wait on further direction of how exactly we will become advocates for orphans, there will be an opportunity for YOU to get involved within the next couple of weeks.  While in Uganda, I focused on taking pictures to capture the country, ministries and the children that we were serving.  Once these pictures are edited and finalized, they will be up for sale on my website and on my Facebook page.  The money raised from these pictures will go to support a ministry in Northwestern Uganda called Acres of Hope.  We had the opportunity to partner with Geoffrey, the founder of Acres of Hope, and though we were not at his facility, we got to hear and learn about his heart, hope and plan to help stop the orphan problem in Uganda.

Our team leader has known Geoffrey for a number of years and plays a supporting role in the work he is doing.  Check out 127 Worldwide to hear about how she supports people in Africa to change the lives of orphans and widows.

Once all of our pictures are completed, they will be posted for you to look through and purchase.  Pictures will be priced based on the size you want and/or how you want them printed (canvas pictures will be available).  Again, this money will be going towards stopping the orphan problem in Uganda, Africa.

Thank you!

1st Birthday Party | Little Zoe

29 04 2012

Over a year ago I first photographed Zoe… she was still waiting to make her appearance into the world, but I still count that : )

I then had the opportunity to take her 9 month pictures, and just a few weeks ago, I attended her 1st Birthday Celebration to capture more pictures of this precious little girl.

Zoe is certainly a special baby, and she has some of the best parents in the world!  Carrie and Nathaniel are in my top five of favorite couples out there.  I’m lucky to know them, and I’m definitely lucky to have been able to watch Zoe grow this past year.  I look forward to [hopefully] taking more pictures of her and watching this little one grow up even more!

Happy 1st Birthday Zoe!

My Life Is Busy | (And That’s An Understatement)

8 04 2012

The last few months for me have been beyond busy.  But do you know what the best part about it has been?  It has been filled with things that I’ve wanted to do.

So often I find myself attending things that I feel like I “should do” or requirements for my day job (teaching).  But this first third of 2012 has been about me being able to enjoy time with my husband, my friends, expanding my knowledge/love of photography and traveling all over.  I’ve gone on vacation, reunited with old college roommates, attended a conference, traveled with local friends, etc.

Since January, I’ve been to… Des Moines, Chicago, Beaver Creek, Kansas City, Louisville, Laguna Beach and Las Vegas.

And the shocker?

I won’t be traveling again until the end of May!… WithThePossibilityOfATripToKansasCityAtTheEndOfAprilForAPhotographyWorkshop… but that’s besides the point.

All in all, I’m happy to be back home and grounded for a while until the next round of trips start up again (May – August is going to be INSANE, to say the least).

World Orphans | Uganda

4 03 2012

We have a very exciting opportunity coming up in June that I wanted to share!  My husband and I will be joining alongside an organization called World Orphans to travel on a Journey 117 trip to Uganda for a couple of weeks!

We are so incredibly excited for this trip and look forward to all that will come out of it.  World Orphans is a  fantastic organization that focuses on educating people about the orphan problem in the world, teaching people what the Bible says about how we are to be involved in orphan care and encouraging people to take a stand against the injustice happening to the fatherless.

Some people have asked, How Can I Be Involved?  Great question!  After we return from the trip, we will be selling photos that we take while in Uganda.  The money raised from those photos will be donated directly to World Orphans!

If you want to be involved in other ways as we prepare, email or call me and I can share more.

Thanks to all who support JWild Photography!

“Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.”  Isaiah 1:17

Brianne | Class of 2012

21 01 2012

Spending a couple of hours with Brianne, her stepmom and sister was such a treat!  It was a beautiful morning and in my opinion, Bri beamed the entire session.

Brianne has a heart of gold, overflows with joy and is one of the most genuine teenagers that I have ever met!  Looking back through her pictures, you can see her true spirit shine through and it brings nothing but a smile to my face.

Thank you Bri for sharing outwardly your love for life, love for others and love for God.  What an incredible person you are!  Good luck on the rest of your senior year and on your endeavors in the future!